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Luigi Ottogalli 2018

Two simple and quick words so that those who happen on this site and do not know me, have at least a vague idea of ​​who is the character who proposes his books and his paintings!
Since I have many springs now - I was born in Milan in 1945 - I have to do many things in my life: the architect in Milan and Pantelleria - the professional skipper, a cheerful and loving charity between the Mediterranean and the Caribbean - the operator of horse and agri-tourism centers, as well as an equestrian guide and instructor, in Emilia, Lazio and Pantelleria - the traveler by sea, in the North Atlantic Ocean, in the South and in the Caribbean Sea.

Currently I live, with my partner Silvia, in the mountains of Trentino and my main activity has become that of writing books, and painting; drawing inspiration, from navigation, to travels, to encounters made and to anything that this ever-changing and beautiful life has given me, and still offers me!

The writing was born a little by chance when I wanted to tell the first trip done with Silvia, in the book "La Rotta a Zig-Zag", I liked to write it and also the book fortunately liked, so I wrote other always related to trips by sea, but in more recent I have increasingly focused on the story of fantasy, as in: "The Mystery of the Crypt of Kastellorizon", which in all respects is a triller-yellow in the nautical setting.

I have also added to the books the drafting of portolani, my last recent effort is a Portolano Cartografica of Sicily realized for the Frangente.

Even the painting comes from far away, in fact it began when at sixteen I decided to interrupt the classical studies to enroll at the Art School of Brera.

It was a very important and significant experience for me, although I went on to pursue a subsequent degree in architecture as a continuation of my artistic career. However, the exercise of painting has never completely abandoned me, although I have left it quiescere for long periods, but now it is the activity to which I dedicate the most.

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